Sushi Hall

Enjoy the fresh Sushi at the

Jeju local restaurant

It is a real Jeju restaurant where you can see more cars of local residents than rental cars in the parking lot. We recommend a Dombe sushi plate that you can taste sushi, roll, sashimi, fried, salad, and udon like course. 

Yang-ga Hyeongje

Town hall change into the

Handmade burger house

This place, which was created by two brothers who wanted to do good work, is a space that reproduced the town hall of Cheongsuri. You can taste the best homemade hamburgers they make.

Woottru Fordining

Taste a real Jeju black pig that is chewy and savory

It is a restaurant that deals with black pigs that their parents raise themselves. You can taste Jeju black pork, which is much softer than regular pork.


Café with decent 

vintage interior

You can feel the atmosphere of old furniture as if you were in a house in the past. Coffee taste is also great. If you want to take a rest while traveling west of Jeju, this will be a great place.

Youram with books

Cafe with coffee, books 

and cozy attic

You'll be surprised by the huge books that fill every corner of the wall. You can read a book with coffee while looking out the window in the cozy attic above the stairs.

Hyeopjae Beach 

Break time with

beautiful beach

It's a beautiful beach with an emerald sea. The two neighboring twin beaches, Hyeopjae and Geumneung Beach, are constantly connected with beautiful silver sand beaches, which are rich in seashells. It's a great place to look at and play in the water.

Jeoji Oreum 

Full of trees as if 

walking through a forest

Unlike the usual oreum, Jeoji Oreum, which is forested with large, dense trees, is a good place for climbing and walking the gentle slope. 


285, Nakjo-gil, Hangyeong-myeon, Jeju-si, Jeju-do


+82-0504-0904-2290 (Call/Message)